Counting Sheep (Eng Version)

“One sheep, two sheep, three sheep……….zzzzzzzzz.” Hey! Did someone just doze off into that grassy hillside where all those sheep like to spend their time jumping over fences? It’s true what you’ve heard. Counting sheep actually works if you want to find a method for falling asleep! This is due to a simple fact about concentration and relaxation. The mind tends to become focused and relaxed over an extended period of concentration and counting sheep tends to make a person concentrate and relax at the same time.

Sleeplessness is a problem that a lot of people face when they have to finish something important or when something is bothering them. People who face difficulty concentrating or who experience memory lapses, energy loss, fatigue, lethargy or emotional instability, need to learn to focus their minds. Simple techniques like focusing the mind on something completely different can actually have a positive effect on a person’s ability to relax. Without this practice, problems like sleeplessness can affect people’s work performance or driving ability. Serious consequences like driving and workplace accidents can also occur due to severe lack of sleep. Counting sheep is actually a form of meditation that has been popularized over the centuries.

Counting sheep isn’t the only method available. In order to prevent impairments, you can find your own ways to make your sleep more peaceful. Taking pills is a common solution but this often has serious side effects which result in a bigger problem later on. Counting sheep or even playing soft music, however, can be relatively harmless. Some sleep aid can help you sleep and some cannot. The important thing is to find out what type of sleep aid is right for you.


Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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