Father's Day today?

Father's day still far ahead.. This year we will celebrating FD on 19th June.. Kalau korang perasan every year mmg dah ditetapkan  third Sunday of June... Tapi.. my wifey ada bagi satu warkah (SMS) ptg td.. Or SMS tu utk VDay kot? hehe.. aku pon tak tau.. Kitorang tak berapa meraikan Vday ni.. ;)
Warkah yg yg kurasakan khas utk semua daddy/ayah/bapa/suami/patit etc -which is simple tapi bila aku baca rasa amat dihargai...

before you were a father,
you were my love
before you were a father,
you were my best friend
before you were a father,
you were my soulmate
now you are father,
provider, caretaker,
cheesy eggy taco chef,
and still my love,
now you are my playmate,
referee, taxi driver,
and still my best friend
now you are tickler,
storyteller, comforter,
bad dream rescuer,
and still my soulmate
i love you more than ever before



Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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