and the No. 1 goes to...

Dian n Sofy gets clingier to me. Although I always outstation for 2 weeks every month but the girls will become like little Pooh stick with honey whenever daddy is around. Wifey told me that daddy is always the No. 1 and mommy becomes the 2nd. I'm disagrees and said it only happen sometime. But I think so as I can see it happen most of the time... :p 

“You better be good to mommy, else beware when daddy is away for outstation”. Wifey burst out and laughs.

Will wifey jealous of this? I dun think so, she would happy the girls has close relationship with her daddy and clingy to him. “Please bath your girl, she wants you.” “Please change her, she only wants you”. This is "ambil kesempatan" namanya.. hehe. She would happy to get some peace and relax while I takes care of the girls.

Some people said daughter clingy to daddy and son clingy to mommy. But what happen if both are girls?. *laugh*


Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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