Flashback Friday - MASALAH


posted on Friday, January 21, 2011

Kalau Lenka kata trouble is a friend, memang betul la tu..
Apa beza TROUBLE dgn PROBLEM ? Sama je kan? Cuma kesesuaian pada ayat. They are generally interchangeable. Dlm bahasa Melayunya = MASALAH.
Memang setiap manusia takkan lari dari masalah, tak kira la masalah apa; keluarga, kewangan, kesihatan , masalah dengan orang lain dan sebagainya..
Jgn merasa down bila sedang ditimpa masalah, kerana mcm aku cakap tadi, setiap orang ada masalah masing2..
Kesimpulannya, HADAPI! don't run away.. FACE IT!
Kalau kita cuba lari dari masalah, ianya takkan lari dari kita..
Jangan lupa berdoa. Kita hanya makhluk yang lemah. Serahkan semua kepada Allah. memohon kepadaNya.
Semua akan terhindar ataupon dapat di atasi. Kuatkan diri. 

Jom baca satu artikel daripada Pakar Motivasi , MR. T. Dilli Babu:
Don’t Run Away, Face It… PROBLEM!!
One fine Sunday around 10.30 p.m., I heard a loud noise and later I found somebody was knocking my door. I went and opened the door and asked “Who are you, how can I help you?” but the reply was so unusual “please calm down yourself. Once I tell my name people usually get scared and became nervous.” the voice said, “People call me as PROBLEM, I hope now you got it. Now tell me, do you want me to come inside”? I said, “You are most welcome my dear friend and let me have the pleasure of being with you for sometime.
Others may treat you as an enemy but I consider you as a part of life and I am even ready to keep your company for my entire journey. But one request, my friend, please excuse me from tomorrow onwards come soon, please don't disturb my sleep.” Next day PROBLEM came and knocked the door again, I went and opened the door, today I found one more problem and this problem was different from the previous one. I requested them again - please come as early as possible, don't disturb my sleep.”
Tuesday night, PROBLEM came along with its team and knocked the door again, I went and opened the door and said “welcome to this optimistic world and good night to you all…” Next day the problem came with a large group of problems and was shocked because the door was kept open for them this time; I became very clever and put them under pressure and told “You see, you can no longer disturb my sleep.” After sometime there were innumerable problems in his room. The first problem came to my side and asked me how I felt about it. I said “I have no problem, but do you feel comfortable here. I keep striding on my way, you neither can prevent me nor can you divert me,” saying this he moved on. “Don't try to solve all the problems, sometime one should know how to hold the problem and tackle it when problem gets weaker or when you became stronger.” 


Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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