Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychology @SEGi College Subang Jaya

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychology @SEGi College Subang Jaya

Psychology embodies a broad spectrum of subjects including biology, physiology, sociology, anthropology and statistics. In a clinical environment, psychologists work with medical personnels to study, manage, treat and prevent physical and psychological disorders. In corporate organisations, psychologists are involved with the recruitment, counselling or training of employees. In the area of education, psychologists identify and assist people who need help with learning issues and support teachers in the implementation of learning strategies. A sport psychologist works with athletes to maximise their physical and mental abilities. Regardless of the context in which psychologists work, all psychologists are trained to use principles of psychology to observe, assess, analyse and provide appropriate evidence-based interventions for the needs of our society.

Career Opportunities
If you choose the education sector, some of the employment opportunities include:
  • Special needs education teacher
  • Pre-school educator
  • Lecturer
  • Trainer
For non-education positions, you may acquire jobs as:
  • Mid (to top) level management executive
  • Consultants for counselling and busines
  • Mental healthcare writers for books and magazine
  • Social worker
  • Mental healthcare provider 
Programmes Modules

For more details, please contact Mr Adi (Senior Programme Counselor) @ 019 697 6188.

Diploma in Psychology


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