Dian's Diary - Daddy Outstation

Wednesday : 27 June 2012 - 
My dad went to Perak this week for road show to exhibit his company's product. I got a mix of feeling, happy because I can sleep with Mummy on the big bed not in the corner. Yahooo ... But a bit sad coz Daddy always play with me, especially in the morning while Mummy still sleeping, he is the one that be a good listener of my morning baby talk. He is the one who make Milo 0 for me in the morning too. But I'm very proud of him, coz lately he looks happy with his job now.

Always when my dad went for outstation job, i will ask Mummy to call Daddy and talk to him.. Beside asking "Daddy kt mana, dah makan, bila nak balik?" I always think his outstation just nearby, can go back home for dinner or lunch.. Another thing, my little sister Sofy is the one who missed Daddy so much but she still too little to understand..Hurry back! need a hug..



Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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