You probably know someone who is a workaholic, a person who works very hard and works long hours compulsively (without being able to stop). When they’re not working, they may feel guilty, believing that they should be working and, if they don’t, they’ll fall behind (not have completed as much work as he or she should have). They may also feel restless, not being able to relax and always wanting to be doing something. These classic (traditional) workaholics are motivated by (driven by; want to do this because....) external (outside of your body or mind) rewards, such as more money and admiration from others, or because they are afraid of bad consequences if they don’t work so much, such as losing their job or being thought of by others as lazy or incompetent (not able and knowledgeable). 

But do you also know someone who works a lot and for long hours, but is very happy doing it. And at the moment, maybe that was me...
"No matter what, I still have time to spend with my penguins"  :)



Hi... "experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson ... .".

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